The Kitchen


Our kitchen can be qualified as a “Market Kitchen”. Along with a permanent menu comprising signature dishes, you will also find a Specials menu that changes daily depending what enticing ingredients catch the chef’s attention that day.  

 “Labne”, “tagine”, “tabuleh”, “escabèche” and “chermoula”, these are words that we sometimes use on our menu and they reflect the sources of our inspiration: countries around the Mediterranean like Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco. 

We also offer a large and varied selection of vegetarian dishes, from the poached and the roasted to simply the blanched and the raw.

Most of our suppliers are located in Thailand: Our dairy products come from Hua Hin, the lamb is from the northeastern Pakchong and most of the vegetables are from the northern Royal Projects, if not from markets around central Bangkok.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule but they are very rare and if it happens it is only because the produce (usually seafood from far away) is simply irresistible.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe in carefully selecting the right farmers, growers or producers that respect their animals or grow their crops sustainably, and in shortening as much as possible the distance between the origin of the produce and the table, because that's simply the tastiest and the most responsible.